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16th June 2017


I’ve had lots of requests about what’s on my wishlist for the sales and I’ve finally got my edit together! The summer sales are on pretty much everywhere and the temptation is oh so real! Whilst we have all been known to buy higher end pieces full price; it’s often when the sales hit that a purchase makes a lot more sense. I find if I like a higher end piece at the beginning of the season and I’m still thinking about it when it comes to sale time it’s usually the best time to buy it. It’s easy to get caught up with all the new stuff at the start of each season and I often struggle to logically work out what I want / need, so waiting until the sales hit means I can not only get it for a fraction of the price but it also helps to work out how much I want it / need it / can’t live without it.
As for where to shop the sales, I always love the big department stores and online designer sites when it comes to sale time, there is no better buzz than being the first in the doors to the Selfridges on sale day, or logging on early morn to Net to pick those pieces you’ve been lusting after. Having said that it’s also worth looking at the department stores for high street brands as well as you can pick up some great pieces there too at insane prices (hello Topshop dress from Selfridges)

From L to R
1) Pampelone dress @ Very Exclusive (up to 50% off)
2) Elina Linardaki sandals @ Avenue32 (up to 50% off)
3) Astley Clarke earrings @ Harvey Nichols (up to 50% off)
4) Rye bikiniAvenue32 (up to 50% off)
5) Topshop dress @ Selfridges (up to 50% off)
6) Taylor Morris sunglassesAvenue32 (up to 50% off)
7) Isabel Marant Etoile shorts @ Harvey Nichols (up to 50% off)
8) Whistles bag @ Very Exclusive (up to 50% off)
9) Ancient Greek sandals @ Net-a-Porter (up to 50% off)
10) Dodo Bar Or top Avenue32 (up to 50% off)
11) Alphabet Bags pouch @ Very Exclusive (up to 50% off)
12) Marte Frisnes bangle @ Matches Fashion (up to 50% off)

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