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4th January 2016


After two weeks off WAT we’re back in business, feeling refreshed and ready to take on another jam packed fashion fuelled year. We’re sure we’re not the only ones who have overindulged, overeaten and overspent this Xmas break and now we’re focussed on starting a healthy, happy & stress free year! 
We’ve promised ourselves we’re going to kick start 2016 with a few key resolutions and we hope to continue them through the year…(we’re really going to try and make them last this time!)


Shock horror, the first thing on our resolutions list is to be a little bit healthier! For us this starts in the morning with a green juice, something simple and easy to make first thing that can keep us going until lunch. See below our favourite green juice recipe (that is actually tasty too):

*2 handfuls of spinach*
*Half an avocado*
*A chunk of cucumber*
*An apple*
*A cup of coconut water*
*A tablespoon of chia seeds*
*A tablespoon of flaxseeds*

(The recipe is a bit if trial and error feel free to add in whatever greens you wish and you may want to adjust the quantities to suit your taste)

Often after dinner, is the time we really fancy something sweet and instead of reaching for some chocolate we’ve found this Deliciously Ella recipe a healthy, yet yummy alternative. See the recipe below:

*1/2 cup of almond milk*
*a ripe banana*
*1/2 an avocado*
*4 pitted medjool dates*
*2 teaspoons of cacao*
*1 teaspoon of almond butter*
*a handful of ice cubes*



With 2015 flying by so quickly at times we felt we didn’t spend time on our homes, so for 2016 we are both in the process of renovating (Philippa) and decorating (Sarah). Sarah wanted a few easy updates for her console table and found some great buys on the high street, see below:

John Lewis console table | John Lewis Agate stand (similar here) | West Elm ‘hello‘ | all books from Amazon | West Elm cube terrarium | H&M vases | John Lewis Eucalyptus | Abigail Ahearn faux flowers 

Shop some more easy updates for you home here:

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We’re lost without our diaries and we’re starting the year off with a fresh new organiser that will help keep us on the ball and organised at all times. We’re sure we’re not the only ones who say yes to things, don’t write them down and then forget! Well this year, we’re making it our mission to keep on top of diary dates and emails.

Aspinal ‘PR’ diary | Smythson ‘SE’ diary


Two new products to our make up bag that have revamped our winter skin. Try them and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Tom Ford ‘complexion enhancing primer‘ | Tom Ford ‘traceless perfecting foundation


This is the biggest resolution for us and if there’s one thing we learnt from 2015 it’s not working ourselves to the bone and taking time out when we need it. With this in mind we’ve decided to savour every Sunday for an at home day with our other halves – pjs and top knots are a necessity!


We’re suckers for trying out anything new in the beauty world and often are trying so many things at once we confuse ourselves! So, we’re sticking to our favourites that we know and love, see below:

Nivea ‘coconut cream shower gel‘ – it’s the most amazing smelling shower gel ever, we don’t know whether to eat it or lather ourselves up in it (and it’s cheap as chips!)

OGX Coconut shampoo and conditioner – yup we’re obsessed with anything coconut and this leaves our hair so soft and silky. We’ve tried all the luxury shampoos and conditioners under the sun, but actually we’re so impressed with how luxe this makes our hair feel for such a great price.

Environ – moisterising toner – after a couple of great facials we were told about Environ products and have grown to love them. We often get dehydrated skin and this range has really worked to help bring back moisture to our skin.

Ren ‘wake wonderful night time facial‘ – literally a facial in a bottle, we put it on while we sleep and wake up refined and refreshed. It’s especially good in winter when our skin feels dull and grey.

Caudilie ‘vinoperfect radiance serum‘ – a super luxe serum that makes our face brighter and more radiant, it doesn’t have that oily feel that some serums do.

We’re all guilty of comparing ourselves to others, not thinking what we’re doing is good enough and getting stressed with irrelevant things…well not any more! In 2016 it’s time to be mindful, grateful and positive and enjoy every second.

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