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7th October 2018



A little fact about me: I hate Autumn.

I take that back. I love these crisp & fresh starts to the day, but there’s something about seeing the leaves fall from trees that really upsets me! I guess it’s that realisation that the long, wet & dark days are ahead of us and not that I actually knew this about myself until a few years ago, but my mood & mental state is totally determined depending on the weather!

Autumn-wear on the other hand, I like, a lot! Chunky knits, a bit of layering & some sunnies to pull the look together is one of my favourite ensembles and I’m always so impressed with what the high street has to offer in terms of knitwear. I recently bought this Gestuz knit from ASOS which I’m thinking I’ll layer up with a turtle neck come the cooler climes.

Lucky for me (and my mood!) the weather is looking bright & sunny this week so I think I’ll be wearing lots of chunky knits & sunnies for the foreseable future 🙂

– C H U N K Y  K N I T  L O V I N G –

ph. Amber Rose Smith

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