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27th March 2015

contouring lesson…WITH MAC

<u>contouring lesson…<br/>WITH MAC</u>

We’ve often wondered about contouring and exactly how it works. After experimenting with some crazy lines on our face a la Kimmy K we decided it was better we had a lesson from the best. On Tuesday night we were lucky enough to have a contouring lesson from the amazing Cher Webb, Senior Artist at Mac
We rediscovered our cheekbones and we can’t wait to share it all with you….see below for our step by step guide.

Here’s us before being contoured….

Part 1 (prepping)
Skin care is essential. Ladies you need to prime and prep, especially if you want your make up to last the day. All over our face, Cher used ‘skin base visage‘ as the primer, followed by some ‘Marine bright formula‘ to brighten the eyes and some ‘fast response eye cream.’

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Part 2 (concealer)
Let’s start with the eye bags. Time to conceal these babies using the Mac Pro Conceal and Correct Palette colour light. After concealing with a shade the same as our skin tone, Cher used a lighter shade, to create a V-shape under the eye, making it quite severe.
She did the same with the lighter shade under our brows and on our cupdids bow. Then it was time to blend in and watch as our eyes gleamed and our eyebrows suddenly had a magnificent arch!

Part 3 (shade & highlight)
Using a powder blush in taupe Cher started to contour under the cheekbones and up and around our forehead and also down our jawline. She also used this powder on the crease of our eyes which created a lovely matte definition.
On our cheekbones it was back to the lighter shade of the concealer, again blended in and then on top she added a highlighter, Cher used ‘pearl‘. This made the lightness of the concealer really bounce and our cheekbones come to life!

Part 4 (finishing touch)
Cher added some bronzer along our forehead, apples of our cheeks and chin, but not all over – or we may have lost our new cheekbones! We loved ‘medium deep‘ . Finally she added some blush to our cheeks, this one ‘springsheen‘ is our new bezzy!

Here’s us after being contoured…

Let us know what you think 🙂

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