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5th July 2017



I never thought the Ukranian folk dress would become my summer 2017 phenomenon, but really, it is. Now I’m that fully fledged dress lover, my latest obsession is all things embroidered, billowy sleeved and a tasseled around the neck. Perhaps it’s the inner boho within me that keeps coming out to play or the fact that we’ve had a run of pretty decent weather here in blighty and I’ve had a change of heart!
Whatever it is, as I keep harping on… I’m enjoying it. Now I’ve always had my beady eyes on a March11 dress, whilst I have the off the shoulder top (see here from TheOutnet) I haven’t been able to take the plunge with the dress just yet. This is very kindly on loan for the shoot but there’s something deep within that’s shouting ‘investment buy’! I can think of so many ways to wear it. I love how it can be dressed up with a chunky heel, for the day I’ve gone for a block heeled metallic sandal but I also think a tan wrap around chunky heel would look great too. As for holiday I’m thinking a tasseled flat alongside a glass of something fruity…
It’s definitely on the expensive side of the spectrum but I’ve also found so many lovely embroidered pieces at more affordable prices that tick all the right boxes too..scroll below to see…

March11 dress (similar style here) | Rae Feather clutch | Zara shoes (similar here)


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