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29th January 2015

eyeliner flicks…HIGH v LOW

<u>eyeliner flicks…<br/>HIGH v LOW</u>
Feline flicks are some our our signature looks. We feel totally naked without one and we pray they next go out of fashion! We’ve tried and tested a fair few throughout the years and surprisingly we’ve both fallen for two very different eyeliners at two ends of the spectrum.
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Rimmel ‘exaggerate eye liner’ by Sarah

I swear by Rimmel’s exaggerate eyeliner. I’m not normally one for cheaper make-up but this is without doubt the best I’ve tried. Liquid eyeliner is my thing, I’ve been wearing “the flick” for as long as i can remember and quite frankly, can’t go a day without it. The main thing i love about this eyeliner (aside from the price tag) is that it’s idiot proof. Literally start at the corner of your eye and go go go! It dries quickly, goes on smoothly and gives an impressive line after you’ve mastered your technique! Better yet, it lasts all day. (Honest truth!)

My top tip –
Blunt the eye liner after purchase. I like a thicker flick and i find the pen nib us a bit thin, so i blunt it on a piece of kitchen roll. That way you can do the line is one stroke rather than going over it to make it thicker. (this I’ve worked out, can be disastrous!)

Tom Ford eye defining pen’ by Philippa

I’ve tried them all… From paint pots to gel wands, but until I found this ‘eye defining pen’ from Tom Ford my life was not complete. Excuse me for being so dramatic, but my liquid eyeliner is such a major part of my makeup routine, so much so that when I go without wearing it I get asked ‘is everything ok?!’

My eye shape tends to need more of a delicate line with the very important flick and to do this I found it easiest using a sturdy felt tip pen. You can find felt tip pen eyeliners all over the high-street, but because it is not a water based product I’ve found that most of them end up transferring on to your top lid and don’t last for the whole day. That was until I tried this masterpiece from TF. It goes on so smoothly in one stride, does not budge or leak and leaves a lovely shiny finish- I think this really helps to brighten your eyes for an everyday look. I couldn’t recommend this product enough, it’s worth every penny.

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