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2nd September 2016




Now let’s all hail brunch – the weekend meal we all love and can’t get enough of (especially when it’s Instagram worthy) AND tastes even better whilst having a good old natter with your bestie!
 We’re very lucky we get taken to lots of lovely places and restaurants to review on the blog and subsequently we’re forever being asked “where’s new & fun for brunch?” So, with that in mind, we decided to share our hotlist of the best brunch spots in London and all the many reasons why we love them… As you scroll down you might wonder why we didn’t title this post “The best avo & eggs on toast in London!”
Philippa’s wearing:
Ghost top (now on sale!) | River Island jeans | RayBan sunnies

Sarah’s wearing:
Monsoon top | River Island jeans (similar here)
F A R M  G I R L  C A F E 
After hearing a lot of hype, this weekend we ventured West to Farm Girl to try the much talked / instagrammed about brunch and let us tell you we were not disappointed. Aside from the beaut location (right in the heart of Notting Hill) there’s the cutest courtyard, pretty pink tables and the most lovely waiters who even took our pics! The menu is super healthy, super yum and super delicious….yes, healthy AND delicious! After a green juice for P and an almond milk latte for S it was avo & eggs time – we couldn’t not, it’s our all time fave. But this avo & eggs had a controversial yet pleasant surprise – STRAWBERRIES ON THE AVO! Who would have thought to do such a thing…it’s so good! Just a heads up – you can’t book and it tends to get super busy at around 11am so if you don’t fancy queuing make sure to get there a little earlier.
G R A N G E R  &  C O
We first found love with Granger & Co a couple of years back during London Fashion Week where we sat for an afternoon cuppa and cake at the Kings Cross restaurant and fell in love with the marble tables and plush gold decor. Since then it’s become one of our go to stops for brunch and with a few locations around the City it’s a great meeting point for us for a quick pre work catch up or a weekend treat. Aside from the caramel shortcake & chocolate brownie (which we know doesn’t constitute brunch but are definitely worth trying in life) it’s the avocado on toast again that get’s our vote. If like Philippa you aren’t a coriander fan (or as she says, allergic!) then defo ask for yours without… but ladies it’s a gorgeous treat and the decor will give you house inspo for days.
T H E  I V Y  C H E L S E A  G A R D E N 
This is a newbie to our brunch hotlist especially when the weather is lush and you can sit outside & instagram to your hearts content. We’ve only been once but we seriously enjoyed the avo & eggs with a twist…this one’s with added tomatoes and a sesame dressing, all we can say is YUM! The sauce is a little rich, so we would recommend to ask for it on the side, it’s definitely more of a treat style avo & eggs but we can’t wait to go back again for more. To be honest, even to just go for a cuppa and admire all the beautiful blooms would be good enough!
T H O M A S ‘ S  A T  B U R B E R R Y 
Do you remember our blog post a couple of months ago about our London staycation on Regent Street? Well since trying out the cafe at Burberry that weekend it has stayed in our hearts as an epic brekkie. Whilst we don’t always feast on everything on the menu (lol!), of course they do a mean poached E & A on T (sorry for repeating ourselves!) and the oysters are out of this world, if you’re into that type of thing! Plus you can have a good old browse along Regent Street before / after which is always a good idea.
C H I L T E R N  F I R E H O U S E 
Every time we come to Chiltern Firehouse we fall in love all over again, we know that sounds dramatic but there’s just something about the place. We don’t know whether it’s the gorgeous stroll in through the garden, the toilets complete with lipstick quotes on the mirrors or the fact that when it first opened we spent weeks trying to get on the waiting list to go there! We recently treated our beloved other halves to brunch there and they too were hooked. Whilst it’s not the cheapest brunch in town it’s definitely worthy of a special occasion or a fancy pants day out. 

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