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26th March 2018



– T H E  H I G H  S T R E E T  E D I T –

Ludicrous we know but we do the same thing every year and that’s buy those summer holiday pieces as soon as we see them. We probably sound like a broken record but if you don’t buy when you see then that item you love might be gone forever! This is especially true of those summer holiday essentials that drop early in the season (think Feb!) and are gone by the time you are actually going on holiday. You don’t need to buy loads, but a few summer dresses, a fab bikini or two & a few great accessories are all you need for a summer in the city or on the beach.

Today’s post is dedicated to all the best summer pieces on the high street, no fancy designer items, just those luxe looking pieces with even prettier price tags!

-D R E S S E S-

– S U M M E R  P A N T S –

– S W I M W E AR –

– B E A C H W E A R –

-S A N D A L S –

– F I N I S H I N G  T O U C H E S –


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