We Are Twinset
30th July 2018



Despite the wondrous respite of the cooler weekend (who would have thought we’d be happy for rain!) we’re set for another scorching week ahead with the same question on our minds….what the heck to wear in a heatwave?! We’ve been playing around with some wardrobe staples the past few weeks and feel like we’ve got to grips with what works in the heat and what definitely doesn’t! If you look at our instagram you’ll see that we’ve been wearing more dresses this summer than we’ve ever worn! And yes we can confirm that dresses are generally the best option for 100 degree heat, BUT even they can be too hot (take note…avoid too many synthetic fabrics as these can make you even sweatier!) this leaves us with shorts, jumpsuits, dresses in clever cuts and fabrics & not forgetting breezy wide legs to help us survive this crazy British summer.
Scroll below for our edit of the key pieces you need to survive sweltering summer 2018…

O F F  T H E  S H O U L D E R  D A Y  D R E S S E S

A L L  T H I N G S  L I N E N

C I T Y  S H O R T S

B U T T O N  D O W N  D R E S S E S

T H E  W E A R  I T  A N Y W H E R E  C A M I

L I G H T W E I G H T  J U M P S U I T S

W I D E  L E G  P A N T S

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