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19th August 2019



Perhaps this post is a little early but the weather is so bad I can’t bear to talk about summer dresses for another week! Plus you can’t ignore the flurry of goodies hitting the shops on a daily basis and it’s all new season! Seriously though who would have thought we’d actually be able to wear it now?!

 FYI I’m that person that the second the new season hits I get a little excited but overwhelmed at the same time… Who’s with me?! What am I going to want to be wearing in a few months?! What’s even on trend?! Just as I’m getting to grips with my summer wardrobe, I need to start thinking about the new season & it’s an overload! So as a rule of thumb I start by thinking about basics, any gaps in my wardrobe & pieces that I might need to be able to create that cohesive winter wardrobe. For me, each season my tastes change slightly – it might be just a cut of denim or a shape of a tee so I do like to buy a few new basics each season.  As the winter hit last year I was heavily pregnant, followed swiftly by that new born bubble so I didn’t really get a chance to go through my basics last autumn. It’s only really now ( a year later!) I feel more back to my old self and have noticed that I need to update my staples, so today I’m giving you the lowdown on the bset wardrobe essentials that I’ve got my eyes on. (P.S I’m going to save coats & boots for a dedicated post as I have far too much to say on those!)

Topshop blazer | Stories tee | Topshop jeans | Topshop heels | Saint Laurent bag

-B L A Z E R S  &  J A C K E T S-

-T E E S  &  T O P S 

-J E A N S  &  T R O U S E R S-

Ph. Zoe Griffin

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