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21st January 2020



Amazon sunglasses

Whether it’s an epic fashion find, a home good we can’t live without, a toy that we need right that second or anything inbetween there’s only one place that answer’s all those questions in one! And you know exactly who it is…Amazon! With our busy schedules & the constant balancing act sometimes we just can’t get to the shops to get what we need & when we need it. We are dedicated Amazon prime lovers & have found so many life changing things on there we wanted to share with you our failsafe Amazon hotlist for all the areas in our life.

– F A S H I O N & B E A U T Y –

Don’t be surprised to hear that Amazon is pretty epic in the fashion & beauty department & it’s been quite a recent discovery . We’re partial to their ‘Find’ range as well as some classic pieces (hello Spanx leggings!) and new found joys – yes to sheepskin shoe liners & heart sunglasses! As well as the best offers on some of our must have hair & beauty buys – our beloved GHD curlers are now the best price!

– H O M E / L I F E S T Y L E –

From our “can’t live without” velvet hangers, to packing cubes, to parquet wood floor cleaner, we LOVE finding things for our homes on Amazon that you either can’t find on the high street or at such competitive prices. We’ve linked below all our recent household orders so you can see what’s topping our list of lifestyle must haves:

– K I D S  E S S E N T I A L S –

When it comes to all things baby related, Amazon is always our saving grace! We can go through phases of ordering something for the kids almost every day; either we’ve run out of nappies and need them urgently or simply thought of a new essential they need immediately! You name it, we Prime it and quite frankly we don’t know what we would do without it all being so accessible at our fingertips! Here are a few items we’ve ordered recently for the bubbas that have saved the day and worth shouting out about:

– K I D S  T O Y S –

Alfie – 2+

Lenny – 1+

Ava – 0-6 months

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