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17th April 2015

party faces…BOBBI BROWN

<u>party faces…<br/>BOBBI BROWN</u>

written by Sarah…

So it’s very exciting over here at WAT today, this weekend it is Philippa’s hen party and last night we had our faces painted in preparation. Sadly it won’t last all weekend but we’ve got our step by step guide on how to create the look and a whole new bag of goodies which we can’t wait to share with you. 
We stuck to what we know with a heavier eye and neutral lips. Day to day we normally shy away from eye shadows (out of pure laziness!) and stick to our feline flicks but we loved experimenting with brown shadows. Glossy nude lips and a warm peach blush on the cheeks and we were good to go…

Here’s our favourite items from our Bobbi Brown lesson and a bit more info:

It’s all about the base – we weren’t that familiar with their skincare range, but loved the moisturiser that was used on us. It wasn’t greasy and better still it contained a primer.

Sadly, from working our 9-5’s and also blogging full time we do have bags under our eyes, so were very impressed with the peach bisque corrector. It helped balance out the dark circles and together with the warm beige concealer the bags disappeared! It wasn’t too thick either – we hate that!

Another must-have foundation to add to the list. The new serum foundation (3.5 warm beige) gave the most flawless finish and wasn’t too cakey. Plus it has SPF 40.

The foundation was set with soft sand powder and then of course some bronzer, we loved the bronzer in medium.

We’re such suckers for a peach blush and absolutely loved the brightening brick in coral, it was the perfect peach with a little shimmer running through, not too glittery!

Our lips were lined with ballet pink and then the lip colour bare 
pink. Another great neutral tone to add to the collection.

We always feel naked without our brows filled in! We used the mahogany long-wear brow pencil.

We often feel at the end of the day our make-up has literally fallen off our face, especially our eye liner. So we loved the idea of the longwear eyeliner – ladies we can vouch for it, it really doesn’t budge! Gel liner in black ink – it’s a life-changer! For the eye shadow it was burnt sugar eye shadow that helped create that smokey eye and a mahogany eye pencil.
Finally to elongate the lashes everything mascara – it does what it says on the tin, everything! Lengthen, plump, thicken!

Let us know what you think….

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