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29th March 2020



We’re sure you’ll agree, it’s a really strange time right now, for everyone. Our whole lives have changed in so many ways & we’re all trying to navigate through it the best we can. Every day is a new challenge, creating a new normal & trying to get in a new rhythm. Whether it’s the juggling Mum act (more now so than ever), working from home, working out, cooking, shopping…everything is different. We’re trying to embrace things as best we can & we are most definitely having our ups and downs. That said, this is how things are going to be for the foreseeable future & we are staying in & making the best of it. We’ve been chatting to each other about what is helping us through day to day & we wanted to share with you 5 feel good tips that are encouraging us get to grips with the new normal & making us feel as upbeat & positive as much as we can!
(please note these images were shot pre social distancing & sadly we won’t be seeing each other for a while)

Since having our kids it’s taken us both a while to get into the swing of working out again but once we got back into the flow of things boy did we realise how much we needed it for our mind, body & soul! It’s our escapism & the perfect way to release those endorphins when we are juggling our day to day lives. Whilst we are no means experts in this field we both love a mix of classes & the gym on a weekly basis & have made it part of our routines for a while now. But with gyms closed & no equipment at home we have found the love for online classes & even a run outside! Whether it’s following a youtube video, taking part in a ‘live’ from one of the many amazing personal trainers we follow or even a zoom class; we have both decided that we need some form of exercise in our lives & it’s helping us feel some kind of normality.

It’s very easy to feel like you don’t need ‘bother’ with your skincare when all you are doing is staying at home as well as feeling unmotivated to take care of yourself…but we are here to say that it is actually the best time to get into a routine. Why not use this time to get your hair & skin looking the best it can be?! We’re already enjoying leaving our hair dry naturally (no one to see the frizz!) & trying out new beauty products…We’re often so time starved that we fall into a rut of products and never get time to switch it up & our skin is already thanking us for the change up. As you all know we’ve both loved Elemis products for a long time from the Pro-Collagen Balm as one of our favourite cleansers to the Japanese Camellia body oil being our ultimate pregnancy necessity & we have fallen back in love with some of their Pro-Collagen range.

Philippa loves – Pro Collagen Marine Cream SPF30

Give me all the Pro-Collagen, plumping & hydration! My skin is screaming out for TLC at the moment, especially being at home with the central heating & not getting the same amount of fresh air that I’m used to. We’re spending a large part of our day in the back room looking out onto the garden with our large sliding doors & skylights so a SPF is crucial with all the sunlight pouring into our living room. I’m always worried that SPF added to moisturisers will make it thick and greasy but I’m so impressed with how lightweight it is & absorbs so quickly.

Sarah loves – Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm

This cleaner has been part of my routine for a while, I love using it to cleanse ( I always double cleanse!) & this is my go to as I find it SO GOOD at dissolving my make up from the day. It is really rich & moisturising (some cleansers I have found to be drying) & my skin is always glowing after. What I also love about this product is that it doubles up as a mask ( hello me time in the bath!)  In fact Phils has made me fall in love with baths again (she always baths every evening where as I’m more of a quick shower girl!) and there’s genuinely nothing more satisfying than a hot bath, a mask & a podcast!

We’re both addicted to the Pro Collagen Eye Revive Mask & have made it part of our routine for a while. As we’ve got older we’ve noticed how important an eye cream is as part of our routine, we use it religiously morning and evening & it is the oomph our eyes need after a long day as well as to help start the day off feeling brighter & fresher! What we love most about it is the texture, it’s a really lightweight gel & doesn’t feel too heavy on the eyes. We both can honestly say we don’t get enough sleep & this really helps reduce the eye bags & dark circles (hoping some Mummas will agree with this!) as well as those fine lines. It feels super moisturising at the same time & would honestly be one of our desert island must-haves!

We’re both pretty good in the kitchen; have a fab bolognese under our belt, a fine roast chicken recipe & a few specialities that always serve us well for all the family, plus we most definitely have a few takeaways thrown in to the mix as well. By no means are we gourmet chefs but we are all well fed & have a hot dinner most nights! Right now though, things feel different, we don’t have all the things we need on a day to day basis (we’re really trying not to stockpile) & we’ve had to think a little outside the box. We hate the thought of wasting anything & it’s actually made us have a little confidence boost when it comes to cooking. We’ve enjoyed throwing together a soup of our last remaining veg & even adapting some of our classics, hello quinoa & turkey meatballs & the family seems to be enjoying it too. Now’s the time to really use what’s in our cupboards rather than letting it sit there and buying more, more, more all the time.

This is so important right now! With the weather so gorgeous & the sun shining we are making sure we go for a walk once a day & it is in fact what we look most forward to each day. When the walls feel like they are closing in, it’s the best thing to get some fresh air in our lungs and the vitamin D shining down on us! It makes us feel instantly better and we know the kids love it too. Parks are a no go for us at the moment & even a walk around the block (insert buggy ,trike, buggy board, dog here!) with a strong coffee in hand (for us!) feels essential for our minds as well as getting those steps in. We aren’t used to being indoors so much so it’s really important for us to keep active and on the move as much as we can.

We never realised how much we would miss seeing each other, friends & family and we’re only a few days in. We probably took it for granted how sociable we are in both our work lives as well as our day to day lives & whilst we know it’s not forever we have found ourselves needing to talk more than ever. We are so used to rushing around with a quick whatsapp and a voice-note knowing we are regularly getting together with people most days but now whatsapp doesn’t seem enough. A call on a walk/ after the kids are down to our friends or our loved ones are such feel good factors during these days when we can’t see each other. In fact facetime, zoom & faceparty are another thing we both look forward to the most each day. Philippa calls her Grandma everyday at 830am whilst the kids eat their breakfast & Sarah calls her Grandma at 530pm everyday for a singsong. As much as it is for ourselves & the bubbas we know how much it means to everyone else that we are calling & checking in on.

We hope this post has helped in some way to motivate you, uplift or inspire you. We know how much we are relying on the inspiration & ideas from others to help us through these crazy times. Stay well everyone & keep in touch, we would love to hear from you & stay connected.

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*This post was made in collaboration with Elemis. As always all photos, wording & views are our own.*
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