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15th July 2020



We can’t believe it’s come around again so quickly but it’s sale time literally everywhere! And we’re sure you’ll agree that there’s nothing more satisfying then picking up a sales bargain without having to step into a shop (even more so now!) So today is all about our favourite sale treasures, whether it’s a statement summer dress, practical gym trainers, a pair of feel good heels or even some key pieces for winter (you know we always say to look out for the out of season steals!) Right now the sales are stronger than ever and today we wanted to share with you all the best pieces to look out for from all our fave stores.

-H & M-

-T O P S H O P-

-M A N G O-

-&  O T H E R  S T O R I E S-

-N I K E-

-N E T  A  P O R T E R-

-S E L F R I D G E S-

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