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24th July 2018



Philippa’s wearing Cossie + Co 

Despite the fact that it’s hot enough to wear swimwear instead of clothes right now (!), we realised we haven’t touched upon swimwear that much this season. We’ve received lots of messages asking about what shapes and styles are in the shops & where to buy them; so here’s today’s post focussnig on just that. And you’ll be pleased to know you don’t need to spend a fortune on flattering swimwear that will help up that confidence in a flash. Better still we’d like to add if bikinis aren’t for you then that’s ok too, because ladies, it’s all about the one piece for summer 2018.

Scroll below for our edit of that best swimwear in the shops now for every budget, body & bust around!

C H E A P  A S  C H I P S

T H E  O N E  P I E C E  H O T T I E

M A T E R N I T Y  C O S S I E S

P O S T  B A B Y  S W I M W E A R

D E S I G N E R  M U S T  H A V E S

B I G G E R  B U S T E D  B I K I N I S & S W I M S U I T S

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