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2nd September 2016



Whilst we try really hard to stay on top of emails, instagram comments & snaps it’s sometimes a challenge to keep up with all your lovely feedback and thoughts. So, we thought we would dedicate a post to answer some of your questions and hence trying something a bit different this Wednesday. Thank you all for your emails and comments on Instagram ūüôā

Scroll below for our replies… If there’s anything else¬†you want us to answer please¬†email us on wearetwinset@gmail.com¬†or leave a comment on our insta for part 2 of our Q&A coming soon.
“Would love to know how you¬†both met / the story of your friendship” –¬†@Iamabirose
Would you believe it if we said we met at an M&S press day?! For those that don’t know a “press day” is when a brand showcases their new season collections for journalists & press. We recognised each other from across the room (we grew up in the same area but had never properly met before) and when we¬†walked passed each other we¬†introduced¬†ourselves. Honestly it was love at first sight lol! We arranged to go for dinner the week after & the rest they say is history! We¬†hit it off like a house on fire, with so many funny life coincidences and similarities; then & there we decided we wanted to work together somehow in some capacity. Fast forward six years and WAT was born.
“Where’s your go-to for affordable denim jeans… For their fit and durability?” –¬†@MarliesRowland
Without a doubt it’s River Island. There’s just¬†something about¬†their styles that seems to¬†fit every body shape. The Alannah skinny is Philippa’s go to¬†skinny style & Sarah who prefers a looser fit is a mom jeans fan. We can confirm that they wash well and you can wear them all season and beyond. A few years ago we would have only invested in designer denim such as J.Brand & Current Elliot, but with the high-street offerings so good¬†now there seems no reason to splurge!
“What hair colour or colouring technique do you use?” –¬†@Eemzie
We have both had Balayage done on our hair (but not for a couple of years!) essentially it’s a lighter colour added to the ends of your hair for a natural, sun kissed look. In¬†fact, we are off to Josh Wood Atelier next week for a bit of a revamp – stay tuned on our insta & snap to see the work in progress of our new tresses!
“What¬†hair products would you recommend to prep hair leading up to a wedding?” –¬†@Judithrachel85¬†
We are firm believers in cutting our hair every 6-8 weeks, we often find it gets¬†quite split & damaged from regular tonging and straightening so we would¬†definitely suggest getting regular cuts. It actually helps hair become stronger and in turn grow faster. We always use a hair protector before we style it a as well, at the moment we are loving “beauty protector protect & detangle” which we fell in love with during our recent collaboration with Birchbox. Once a month we do an at home treatment on our hair, we love Phillip Kingsley Elasticiser.¬†And most recently we have¬†had the “72hair gel smoothing treatment” and are so impressed with the results. Our hair literally feels brand new, totally frizz¬†free and so silky, we can’t recommend it enough.
“Thinking about buying Dior So Real sunglasses, do¬†you think they are a good investment? Or just a current season buy?” –¬†@Grazziepinto
As a general rule if something has been around for two or more seasons it becomes a classic and we’re pretty confident that this applies for the So Reals. In fact Philippa has only just¬†invested in them¬†herself and is so pleased with her newest addition to her collection. They are definitely on the pricey¬†side of things but are a fab¬†investment for your summer holiday suitcase & beyond.
“Do you follow a¬†particular diet / workout routine?” –¬†@Crowat34 & @moonflowersunbeam
Working full¬†time jobs as well as the blog¬†doesn’t leave us with much spare time, but we are¬†definitely very health conscious. We try and eat carefully (of course there are many slip ups and chocolate marathons!) and alongside this we do work out when we can. Philippa loves pilates and is a gym bunny favouring¬†classes like Body Combat & Body Pump. Sarah has a personal trainer who she sees a couple of times a¬†week and also follows the at home workouts from the very hunky¬†Joe Wicks!
“How do you get the right mix of experimenting with new trends and staying true to your personal style?” –¬†@Rebecca_childs
Over time we have learnt more and more about our personal style. We live in paired back basics and then add trend led pieces into our signature looks. Whilst we love¬†following trends we know¬†that they’re not always¬†for us – feeling most comfortable in our simple¬†separates.¬†Don’t get us¬†wrong, sometimes we feel our day to day ensembles can feel a little too minimal, but it always surprises us what a difference a¬†statement shoe or luxe bag can do to elevate our look.
“Any skin secrets?” –¬†@Andreaalexi
We’ve got to be honest we’re still learning about what’s best for our skin. We’ve tried out some lovely products over¬†the past few years and have definitley found that lots of chemicals and harsh ingredients don’t work for us. We always try and favour things on the more natural side of the spectrum.¬†Right now we’re¬†recent converts to taking our makeup off¬†with Cetaphyl¬†– it’s totally natural and it’s cheap as well; we¬†can’t¬†recommend this cleanser enough. When it comes to moisturising Philippa (who has combination/oily skin) is a lover of Avene Mattifying Emulsion. The oil control staying power of this creme is unreal and really helps keep foundation fixed all day. On the other hand, Sarah has dry/combination skin and prefers a richer moisturiser. She loves Murad’s Vitamin C SPF daily¬†moisturiser¬†and finds it¬†seriously¬†hydrating. For the night time Estee Lauder’s Advanced night¬†repair is our secret weapon.
“What hair products do you use and skincare routine please?” –¬†@Raquel_marco
It’s all about “72 Hair smoothing gel treatment” for us (see a above for further¬†details.) As for styling we always let our hair dry naturally when we can, we’ve been doing this for the past year and it has really improved the condition of our hair. Then we use our beloved GHD¬†straighteners to smooth over any strays, next it’s tongs all the way for us. Our go to tongs are Babyliss salon soft waves hair styler,¬†we love the natural¬†tousled effect they give as opposed to big bouncy curls.
“Do you both have a morning routine or any daily rituals?” –¬†@Emilybeauty80
Sarah is much more of a morning person than Philippa and has¬†quite a routine first thing! After¬†showering, she always dry body brushes and¬†moisturises from top to toe. On her body she uses coconut oil and on her face it’s Murad’s Vitamin C daily¬†moisturiser. Philippa on the other hand is all¬†about the¬†quick fix (the more time in bed the better!) but she’s hooked on her daily¬†morning ritual of a homemade green juice – spinach, kale, lemon, ginger, apple & coconut water. Since making this juice every morning for the past few months she can definitely see a difference in her skin & hair.
“Colour styling please, as in what shades of denim work with black, khaki etc” –¬†@Thelipglossgirl1
Denim is the ultimate¬†neutral¬†for any colour palette. Be it bleached out drestressed shades to rich black denim tones, whatever the wash it will always work hard in your wardrobe. At the moment we’re really enjoying khaki with denim¬†(you may have seen a lot of this on our insta recently). Khaki with black denim, or khaki with washed our blues; it’s a winning combo.¬†
One of our all time favourite combos with denim is what we like to call ¬†“pop-a-red”. Nothing beats a statement cherry red shoe orbag with shredded denim.
“Best smart and glam work bags please – designer treats. And high street too?” –¬†@sophieeden12
We love a bit of Sophie Hulme for roomy totes and they definitely tick the smart & glam box with their luxe gold hardware. As for colour we would¬†definitely stick to dark hues like black, navy or grey ¬†for practicality and versatility. We’re also partial toBalenciaga’s “bazaar square leather tote”¬†their new tote for winter, it’s got a slightly sporty look & feel but the size & shape make it such a winner for work and then play. On the high street Whistles & Karen Millen’s bags¬†selection are always on¬†point, we’re particularly loving Whistles “regent tote” and Karen Millen’s “oversized regent bag“.
“I have noticed you hardly ever wear dresses or skirts on you blog /IG. What’s the reason?” –¬†@miss_vane
You’re so right! We rarely wear skirts and dresses are¬†often saved for special occasions. We love seperates and it’s our go-to uniform for our¬†hectic jobs. We’re always running around from appointment to appointment or shoot to shoot and find our simple paired back looks suit our¬†lifestyle as well as¬†being what we feel most¬†comfortable in.

Thanks so much for all your questions, please keep us posted with any more you might have!
S & P x

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