We Are Twinset
9th June 2014


<u>we are TWINSET…<br/>HAIR</u>
Over the weekend we decided to revamp our hair colour
for the summer and there’s no one else we’d trust more than Lauren Geffin, head of colour
at Trevor Sorbie

We both wanted a natural, sunkissed, ‘balayage’ effect and we’re
so pleased with the results.
Here’s what we look like before:

The technique & process…

Lauren’s technique:
The reason for using cling film is to create the most natural colour possible. It lifts the colour at a much slower pace so you have control over the result. You can be more visual with what your doing and can really see where the colour is being applied You can achieve a natural blend up towards the root, meaning that your re-growth is less severe and can get away with less maintenance colour. At the same time you can create a more solid colour towards the end of your hair without a cheap looking stripe effect. 
This technique means you can do as little or as much to create a natural, beautiful highlight in a short space of time.
The end result…

Top 5 tips to protect & look after coloured hair
By Lauren Geffin

1. Use products for coloured hair. I think it’s best to alternate from strengthening to nourishing/moisturising to stop your hair from getting used to one product. Once your hair reaches it’s maximum strength, then move onto moisturising to maintain condition. 
These are some of my favourite products:

2. Be careful to not over heat hair when blow drying, straightening or tonging. If you like to style your hair, always use a heat protecting spay and use a heat setting suitable for your hair type. Styling products such as oils are also very good to nourish and help to protect against frizz prone hair. If that’s something that you have problems with, use before and after blow drying.
These are my suggested products:

 3. If you can make time at home once a week, try do a home treatment. These 2 particular treatments are brilliant. All thats invloved is after washing your hair, blow dry in and leave for half an hour (or longer if you prefer) and rinse. Your hair will feel silky and the product stays in your hair for up to 30 days. Perfect for chemically damaged/frizzy hair.

4. If you like to wear your hair up, especially with the summer approaching, always avoid hair bands with metal parts to it. When hair is tied up, this can cause breakage. Especially on bleached hair that is weak. 
These great hair bands come in 2 colours:

5. On holiday or even when the sunshine is out, it’s always best to have your hair covered. When this is not possible,  products that will protect your hair from UVA/UVB rays and chlorine are best. This can stop colour fading, the condition or even hair lightening more than one would like. This product is great on wet or dry hair, it also helps to de-tangle if your hair gets notty in the sun or after being in the pool or sea:

Always take a colourists advise on what’s best for your hair type. Find out what’s realistic and achievable before you commit to a style. I feel it’s also important to ask what maintenance is involved and if  your hair can cope with that.

| Lauren is offering a complimentary consultation for any questions you may have. Please call the Trevor Sorbie Covent Garden salon to book in – 0207 379 6901 |

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