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27th April 2017



I’ve got to admit, it feels very strange writing a solo piece, this is my first ‘one-set’ post on WAT and I hope you guys like it! It felt very odd taking the pics alone, writing the content by myself and putting the whole thing together but I’m going to be keeping our baby alive whilst Phils is on maternity looking after her new babe.

Aside from feeling a little lonely (it’s so odd to do something your yourself when you’re used to doing something with someone else!) I’m really excited to talk wedding dressing with you guys. We/ I  get lots of lovely emails from readers who struggle with finding wedding ready frocks that don’t cost the earth. And whilst I’m nearly at the end of my run of weddings (cue feeling very old and married off!) it doesn’t mean that I didn’t (and still do!) struggle with eveningwear. That and swimwear have to be the worst…right?!

In the past I occasionally lucked out on the high street, at sample sales and my fave outlet; Bicester Village but this season I really feel that the shops are doing it so well and at really great prices. So here’s my breakdown of what you should be wearing (head to toe) to your summer weddings or soirees that isn’t going to break the bank/ make you cry / anger your other half (maybe that’s just me?!) :

H&M earrings (similar here) | Warehouse dress | Jimmy Choo bag (similar here) | Next heels (similar here)

M I D I  D R E S S E S

     M A X I  D R E S S E S

B O X Y  B A G S

W R A P A R O U N D  S H O E S

S T A T E M E N T  E A R R I N G S

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